Leaping tall buildings in a single bound

November 15, 2011 at 3:15 pm Leave a comment

I’m sure everyone has at least heard of a certain movie featuring a certain bionic dolphin. But it’s not just Winter the dolphin or Midnite the mini horse with a prosthetic leg. Many of our human prosthetic patients are pretty cool too. From biking to playing soccer to snowboarding many patients have done things and do things no one predicted for them.

Perhaps you have heard of Sean Reyngoudt. This amazing amputee is a professional Kiteboarder (see picture below).

Ryan is a pretty extreme amputee, never giving up on his dreams and love of extreme sport. You can read his full story and visit his website at http://www.seanreyngoudt.com. Though Ryan is not one of our patients we know that many of you have pretty amazing stories of your own.

We’ve heard of some patients riding across country on Harleys. Other patients play forward on their soccer teams. And some patients we are so proud of for being able to pick up their grandkids again. But we want to hear your story. You can send it to us via the comments section of our blog or you can email me at wilson.amandak@gmail.com. Oh and please send photos, we LOVE pictures.


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