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When wearing an orthotic it is vital to vigilantly inspect you skin and the brace for areas of concern. Doing so ensures proper fit and wards against serious skin break down issues.  This is especially important if you suffer from Diabetes or Neuropathy, which can cause loss of sensation and lead to sores you are not aware of. We suggest a daily inspection of your skin when removing your brace. Check the skin for any red mark or depression that persists for longer than a few moments. It is normal to notice an outline of the brace similar to when you remove a sock and see a faint indentation. However if after removing the brace you notice an inflamed area or an indentation that is persistent this should be noted as an area of concern.  Similarly if you notice any blisters, rub marks or small cuts these should be noted as an area of great concern. It is not uncommon for a brace to fit differently over time, weight gain or spasticity can lead to poor fit. We encourage our patients to check themselves daily to determine if the brace is fitting well.  The earlier a problem area is identified the easier it is to correct the problem. If you are still unsure of what to look for or if you are having a fitting issue please contact our office for an appointment so that a practitioner can guide you in the process.


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